Sloan Implement


Established in 1931 Sloan Implement is one of the largest John Deere Dealerships in the world. With its headquarters in central Illinois, Sloan's dealerships provide new and used John Deere parts, equipment, and service. To see what Sloan Implement can offer you, start by clicking a location nearest you below to find dealership personel directory, contact information, driving directions, and weather. To email us please click here.

Sloan Implement has John Deere Dealerships in:

Headquarters - Assumption, IL

Store Hours

Sloan Implement Company
120 N Business 51
Assumption, IL 62510
Phone: 800-745-4020
Fax: 217-226-3351
Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday: 7 a.m. - 12 p.m.



Atwood, IL
Toll Free: 800-323-4573
Carlinville, IL
Toll Free: 800-515-9100
Bloomington, WI
Toll Free: 866-519-2719
Effingham, IL
Toll Free: 866-666-9400
Fulton, IL
Toll Free: 800-367-6980
Monroe, WI
Toll Free: 800-813-4255
Hamel, IL
Toll Free: 800-250-3997
Havana, IL
Toll Free: 800-955-4145
Mt. Horeb, WI
Toll Free: 800-828-4240
Lanark, IL
Toll Free: 800-344-8023
Litchfield IL
Toll Free: 800-846-6376
Cuba City, WI
Toll Free: 866-508-2178
Petersburg, IL
Toll Free: 800-955-4144
Shelbyville, IL
Toll Free: 888-774-9500
Montfort, WI
Toll Free: 866-530-4430
Taylorville, IL
Toll Free: 800-959-7720
Vandalia, IL
Toll Free: 866-972-9420
Virden, IL
Toll Free: 800-745-8960
White Hall, IL
Toll Free: 800-644-2138

Our motto is: "To do the very best job we can for our customers."

To accomplish this, we have:
They say that nothing runs like a Deere. Find out why people say that no one runs a dealership quite like Sloan's.

Click here to see informational videos created by Sloan Implement for planting equipment, monitoring equipment, harvest equipment, and more!